In response to reader requests I have put together an annotated list of the cases before the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) that relate to the Dragonpipe (Mariner East pipeline system). There are eight such cases at the moment, and it is becoming harder to keep track of the status of all of them.

The list of cases is here.

For each case, I provide the name of the complainants, the PUC docket number, a link to the “consolidated case view” on the PUC’s website (where you can see the PUC actions and documents), the date the case was filed with the PUC, a list of intervenors, and a summary of the issues in the case. If there is a hearing scheduled, that date is also provided. I will try to keep this document current as the cases progress.

Since I realized that PUC-related terminology will not be familiar to some readers, I have also provided an explanation of terms such as “intervenor”, “docket”, and “pro se”. That glossary of PUC terms is here.

Your suggestions and corrections for both documents are welcome.

I am grateful to Caroline Hughes, who began the compilation process and encouraged me to create these documents.