Public-Comment 9-27-19

Sunoco has been pushing for permits for a major expansion of its processing facilities at Marcus Hook. It tried previously to get the permits by cheating on its application (see details here) but was stopped through legal action by the Clean Air Council (CAC).

Now, the company is trying again. The facilities it wants to build will contribute significantly to the already poor quality of air in southern Delaware County. The pollutants involved are associated with respiratory problems and smog.

Here is the CAC’s assessment: “Residents of Marcus Hook and Delaware County are already experiencing the impacts of significant air pollution from the Marcus Hook NGL export facility.  The consolidated expansion proposal would create an additional 67.73 tons per year of nitrogen oxides and 177.02 tons per year of volatile organic compounds, which would far exceed the major source threshold for both of these pollutants in Delaware County. Nitrogen oxides and volatile organic compounds both lead to the formation of smog and are associated with increased respiratory issues and other health impacts. Sunoco’s proposal also includes significant greenhouse gas pollution from methane leakage.”

What to do now: Ask for a public hearing. Ask for a full accounting. There was to have been a public hearing on this permit, but the DEP cancelled it as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. That public hearing needs to be held once it is safe to do so, and no decision on the permit should be made until that hearing has taken place.

When it considers whether to grant this permit application, we need to insist that the DEP properly account for the full impact of the additional pollution that Sunoco wants to add to our air.

Here’s how to voice your opinion. The Clean Air Council has made it very easy for you to let the DEP know what you think. You can click on this link:

It will take you to a page where you can read a summary of what is wrong with Sunoco’s proposal and submit a comment. You can write out a comment of your own on the form provided, or you can click on the underlined text and use the CAC-provided comment (which you can edit before submitting).

This will only take five minutes. Make sure your voice is heard.