Covid-19 3-16-20Governor Wolf has ordered all Pennsylvania non-essential businesses to shut down, but Sunoco’s people are out there working, spreading the Covid-19 virus among themselves and among our residents.

Mariner East is the very definition of a “non-essential business”. Its purpose is the export of petrochemicals for private profit. Why is this work allowed to continue?

We need to act quickly to get this stopped. As state offices close due to the virus, there is less and less oversight of Sunoco’s dangerous construction practices, and more opportunity for its workers to spread disease.

  • Contact your township and county officials and tell them that they need to use their emergency authority to shut this work down. This is no time to wait for someone else to act.
  • Contact your state representatives and the Governor’s office, and tell them they also need to use their emergency authority to send these workers home.
  • If you’re a Twitter user, check out the tweets at @EricFriedmanPA and retweet them.

This work is a violation of the Governor’s order, and it is putting lives at risk. Please act now!