On Monday, December 17, at 6pm in Media’s Government Center, there will be a public presentation of Delaware County’s pipeline risk assessment, conducted by G2 Integrated Solutions. The report covers the risks from the largest (20-inch diameter) of the pipelines comprising the Dragonpipe (the Mariner East pipeline system). It also covers the risks from the Aldelphia natural gas pipeline.

This is the first public meeting to review the report’s contents. Analysts from G2 will present the report and answer questions about it.

One of the most notable findings is that a rupture of the 20-inch pipeline could wrap a huge area in a cloud of flammable gas. It could extend over a mile from the pipeline. If it then ignited, everyone in it would be killed. There would also be a lethal “overpressure event” (shock wave).

I encourage all readers of this blog to try to attend this meeting. It is important to show our elected officials that we appreciate their work in commissioning this report, and that we’re depending on them to take the steps necessary to ensure that the potential catastrophe it describes cannot occur.

If you want some background ahead of the presentation, we’ve written about the report previously (“Based on Delaware County’s Risk Assessment, a pipeline rupture could kill thousands” and “Delaware County’s risk assessment: the blast zone is far larger than we thought“), and you can read the full text here: G2 ME2-Adelphia Risk Assessment v2.1.

Details on the Monday meeting are here:


I hope to see you there.