In the aftermath of Monday’s explosion, Sunoco spokesperson Vicki  Granado was interviewed by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Energy Transfer spokeswoman Vicki Granado said the company would join the PUC in the investigation beginning Tuesday.

“Our obligation to homeowners is 100 percent — that people continue to be safe and secure,” Ms. Granado said at a news conference at the Center municipal building Monday night.

Ms. Granado said she couldn’t recall a similar incident involving Energy Transfer, which has 83,000 miles of pipeline throughout the United States.

Apparently, Ms. Granado has a short memory. She was interviewed in 2015 by the San Antonio Business Journal after a pipeline explosion there:

Energy Transfer Partners (NYSE: ETP) spokeswoman Vicki Granado told the San Antonio Business Journal that one of the company’s 42-inch pipelines ruptured creating a massive fire.

FM 953 remains closed on Monday where excavation crews could be seen working. Granado said the company is excavating the sections of pipeline affected by the fire and will replace them.

Granado said crews will start repairing the roadway once the pipeline work is complete.

I suppose that a short memory is a useful asset if you have to take a job like Ms. Granado’s.

Thanks to Eric Friedman for pointing out this memory lapse.