Map courtesy of Annette Murray

On Monday evening (April 30), there will be a public hearing about the construction of the Dragonpipe (Mariner East 2 pipeline). The purpose is to help the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) determine whether to issue new permits to Sunoco to construct the Dragonpipe through the middle of Exton using the “open trench” method. This is both more destructive of the environment and more dangerous once the pipeline is in operation than the “horizontal directional drilling” method originally proposed.  Really, though, the whole idea of putting this pipeline through the heart of Exton is a bad one. Your presence will send that message to the DEP.

Location: The auditorium of the Pierce Middle School, 1314 Burke Road, West Chester.

Date and time: Monday, April 30, from 6:30 to 9:30

You can help emphasize the importance of this decision just by showing up. A large crowd will show the DEP how important this topic is to residents along the pipeline route. But I encourage you to speak.

Anyone can speak, but you have to sign up in advance. You will have just 3 minutes to make your point. Instructions for signing up, and some ideas of things to say, can be found here: Preparing to speak at the DEP hearing 4-30-18. Residents of Chester County will be given preference, so those of us from Delaware County (or farther afield) will probably have to wait a while for our turn.

I have signed up for a speaking slot.

I hope to see you there!