Sunoco has filed its response to the DEP’s request for more answers about its plan for routing the Dragonpipe (Mariner East 2) through the middle of Exton, but Sunoco has provided very limited answers and has not changed anything. It is still planning the same route that goes right by the library and requires clearing of much of the wetland there.

Comment now. We are currently in a 5-day “public comment” period for this plan (NOT two weeks, like the first time around), and it is critical that you send your comments to the DEP before it ends on January 23.

In my opinion, the most important point to make is that this is a terrible route that poses serious threats to people and the environment. Sunoco was required by the August 9 agreement to consider other routes, but it has not done so. The DEP should require Sunoco to do a serious analysis of alternatives.

There is open space available on either side of Exton (but especially to the northeast) where the route could go. There are plenty of opportunities for alternative routes.

Email your comments to the DEP at this address:

Tell the DEP about the problems you see with this plan: the loss of trees and wetlands, the threat to the library and homes, and whatever else you find wrong with it. But it needs to be done quickly.

But don’t stop there. To have greatest effect, it is important to send copies of your DEP comments to several other places:

  • To the Clean Air Council, who needs your comments as ammunition in its fight against the pipeline. Send copies to Kathryn Urbanowicz (
  • To Governor Wolf, who has the power to stop this pipeline if he wants to. You can use this contact form:
  • Send copies of your comments to your state senator and representative too. They can help put pressure on the DEP, the PUC, and the governor.

Let Harrisburg know they are not doing their jobs in protecting people and the environment!