2017-11Nov-19 Chester County Library Rally-62 Photo: Chris Baker Evens,  https://www.chrisbakerevens.com/

There was an important anti-pipeline rally outside the Chester County library on Sunday, November 19. The library is a symbolic location for our protest movement—I think “movement” is now the right term—because the library is a beloved gathering spot for families and readers from all over the county, because the route of the pipeline goes right by it (putting patrons at risk), and because construction will be very disruptive (it is now planned as an open trench). The library setting highlights everything that is wrong with this project.

This rally was a milestone for several reasons:

  • About 100 people showed up, in spite of the bitter wind. They were from all over Delaware and Chester counties. That number represents more people than many of us expected, and the crowd included many new faces. Clearly, people are angry and the word is spreading.
  • Two politicians, State Senator Andy Dinniman and State Representative Carolyn Comitta, attended and spoke. This demonstrates the increasing importance of the pipeline to our elected representatives. Senator Dinniman plans to introduce pipeline-related legislation following the Thanksgiving break.
  • The logistics for the rally (including signs, handouts, PA system, publicity, and a myriad of other issues) were handled in record time. Almost everything was done in a span of 48 hours. We didn’t know we had this capability, but now we know.

More details about the event, and a link to a video, are available here.

What I take away from this event is that the opposition to the pipeline in our area, which Sunoco has viewed as a mere irritant, has now become a force to be reckoned with. There is not much time left to stop this pipeline—but there is time enough.