CC library view, cropped 10-22-17

I recently learned that the plans for the Dragonpipe (Mariner East 2 pipeline) in Chester County have been changed. The original plan, which was bad enough, called for drilling under the Chester County library, putting it squarely in harm’s way in case of a leak. But it gets worse: now the plan is for digging an open trench and dropping the pipe in. That means destroying many of the trees, the little stream, and the associated wetlands on the library grounds. You can see the trees in the area beyond the parking lot in the photo above.

If this is allowed to happen, it will ruin both the view from the library and the outdoor area where many of us like to sit and read on pleasant days; but beyond the environmental damage is the constant, on-going risk of a leak from a pipeline of highly-explosive compressed ethane gas and other fracking by-products running within 30 feet of the library. Its route is so close to the library that an explosion would immediately demolish the building and devastate the surrounding area.

This pipeline is far more dangerous than a natural gas pipeline, and the materials it will carry are for export to Europe, with no benefit to our state.

Please help: You can help in the effort to stop this pipeline. You can find out more and connect with the groups opposing the pipeline by going to the Del-Chesco United for Pipeline Safety  Facebook page at This is an umbrella organization for many local groups that oppose the pipeline in Delaware and Chester counties.

You can get more information on the pipeline, its route, and its proposed contents at