There is now an easy way to see if your house (or church, or business, or library) is in the blast zone of the Dragonpipe (Mariner East 2). Just go to and click on the map there. You’ll see something like this:

map screen shot 9-4-17

You can zoom in, zoom out, or enter an address. The route of the pipeline is the bright red line. The orange-shaded area on either side is the 1,000-foot blast zone. (I like to call it the “if this thing blows, you’re toast” zone.) The purple area beyond that is the 3-mile “self-evacuation” zone. In case of a leak, everyone should leave that area—especially if you are downhill from the pipeline, since the gases it contains are heavier than air and will flow downhill. Downwind is also bad.

As you’ll see, almost the entire town of Media is in the evacuation zone, as is Riddle Hospital, several fire stations, the State Police, many schools, several retirement communities—the list goes on and on. Does anyone believe this kind of evacuation is actually possible?

In any case, the map shows it all. My hat is off to Jess and Cathy, who volunteered many hours creating the website and integrating the maps. They went through many variants figuring out how to get both the site and the maps working properly on phones as well as desktop computers. Thanks to you both for a great resource!